Trucking News (2)

2016’s trucking highilights include first autonomous truck run, regulatory ramp-up, carriers’ legal battles and more


DOT shuts down owner-operator following fatal crash


Uncertainty, predictions for 2017 center on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue


Investigators Say Truck Driver Was Driving For 21 Consecutive Hours Before Fatal Crash


Aggressive Motorist Flies Off Overpass While Trying To Pass Semi Truck


Truck Driver Survives After Crashing Into Philadelphia Gas Station…/


2016: Hours of service, inspection blitzes steal the show


The United States of Autonomy: From driverless vehicles to connected highways


Watch: Reckless Car Driver Risks His Life To Piss Off A Trucker


This Mack Trucks Video Is Enough To Bring An Old Trucker To Tears


Watch: Truck Driver Has A Hell Of A Time Trying To Get Into This Spot


CargoNet, FreightWatch warn against holiday season cargo theft





Chasing down risk: new tech to help fleets respond faster to driver problems


FMCSA shuts down driver for drug use, log violations after fatal crash


Price isn’t the only difference between recycled, reconditioned and reman parts


Trucker’s Fishy Logbook Leads To $2 Million Drug Bust


Fatal Collision Between Two Trucks Shuts Down Section Of Interstate 80


California Man Charged With DUI After Testing Positive For Caffeine


How much do you really know about your drivers’ daily challenges?


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